Pickle Street School Studio

A working art studio located in scenic Monterey Township, Michigan

Pickle Street School Studio is a one-room school building renovated and transformed into an art studio offering a variety of arts and enrichment classes and workshops.

2 Day Workshop with Richard Jordan - August 15-16th

Time is short to register for my workshop, Directing the Scene - Better Landscapes by Design at Pickle Street School Studio, August 15-16th.

How a painting is designed can tell different stories about the same scene. This workshop focuses on composing and editing the landscape to achieve clarity and movement through a painting. Sometimes a painting is weak not because of an artists ability to mix correct colors or apply paint, but rather how the pieces of the scene fit together or in some cases don't fit together. 

In past workshops, we've explored "Starting Strong," using the "Direct Approach" as well as "Capturing the Character of Trees." In "Directing the Scene" we'll turn our attention to the decisions you make BEFORE you apply the first strokes of paint. Then, how you can adjust elements on the fly to pull your painting together.

To register, call or email Joy Richmond at 616-896-9090 • jrichmon@sbcglobal.net